Enemas For Constipation

Are you thinking of using an enema as a constipation remedy? If you are having trouble with constipation or you have had long term constipation issues, you may want to consider it.

Maybe you've tried laxatives and other over the counter medications to relieve your constipation and they just don't work for you. You may need to consider one of the more direct constipation remedies. If changing your diet and medications have still left you constipated you may want to consider trying a enema to relieve your constipation.

Don't let the word enema scare you. Many people think of enemas as extremely invasive or even painful. This is completely untrue. Enemas are a very effective way to flush your bowels and clean out your intestines. Enemas may very well be the most effective way to cure constipation. Enemas are easy to use and very inexpensive. As a matter of fact, you can pick up an enema at your local supermarket or pharmacy. In no time at all you will begin to feel the effects and relief of an enema.

constipation remediesAlthough you will receive instructions on how to use the enema when you purchase the product, I will give you a brief description of how enemas work. An enema consists of three main parts, a bag to hold the solution you will be using for your enema, a tube where the solution will flow and a syringe used to rectal insertion.

There are a number of solutions that you may use while preforming this procedure, the most common of which is warm water or warm water with sodium. You may want some sort of lubricant to make the process of inserting the syringe into your rectum more comfortable.

Some people are under the impression that you can use an enema while seated on the toilet, this is a misconception. In order to properly administer the enema you will need to by lying down on your back. The bag holding the enema solution will have to be elevated slightly higher the your rectum. You then need to let the solution slowly flow inside of you. You should wait until either the enema bag is empty or can no longer flow. If you feel more comfortable you might want to lie down in your bathtub.

That is essentially how an enema works. Once the liquid has flowed into your bowels, it will leave taking all the waste and excrement with it. This will most likely alleviate your constipation. Using an enema is a bit more invasive then other constipation remedies but it can also be much more effective.

Before using an enema you should thoroughly read any and all directions and warnings that come with the product. You may also want to speak with your health care professional before attempting to use an enema. One thing is for sure, once you use an enema, your constipation woes will be completely resolved. Remember, when using enemas that they should only be used as a temporary solution for constipation and if you are suffering from sever or chronic constipation, you should speak with your doctor. For more information on enemas, you should read... Relieve Constipation with an Enema.


Anonymous said...

an enema works fast without discomfort.

Anonymous said...

Enema is a natural therapy for curing constipation. It is very effective as long as it is done using hygienic equipments and correct procedure is followed. More information on Enema could be found at www.naturopathycure.com under water therapy section.

Anonymous said...

in India where such equipments are not available, most people do it with soap, and it works.

Anonymous said...

Enemas work for me everytime for a quick fix.

Anonymous said...

An enema has always relieved me of constipation, no matter how severe.

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Constipation Remedies

So how exactly do you know if you are constipated? The definition of constipation is having three or fewer bowel movements per week. During constipation excrement is usually very small and hard and can be difficult to produce. Often constipation can be very painful. You may feel bloated and pressure bellow your stomach.

Everyone is different some have bowel movements twice a day and some have them four times a week. If you are constipated and looking for constipation remedies you must first understand that constipation is usually a symptom. Mostly constipation is caused by poor diet and is only temporary. In this site you will find different ways to prevent and treat constipation with constipation remedies.