Mineral Oil For Constipation

Here at Constipation Remedies, we have have discuss a great many cures for constipation, both natural and cures involving certain medications. Today we are going to discuss another natural constipation remedy.

Mineral oil for constipation, I will explain how using mineral oil may help alleviate your constipation problems.

For years people have been using mineral oil for constipation. This cheap and reliable cure can be found in any supermarket or pharmacy. You can pick up mineral oil for just a few dollars and it can truly help you get over your constipation. Using mineral oil for constipation is safe and easy. Mineral oil is a natural laxative and has no side effects, aside from the normal side effects that you would get from a laxative. Wondering exactly how mineral oil for constipation works?

mineral oil for constipationWhen you ingest the mineral oil it begins to make its way through your system. The mineral oil will do several things which will aid in the removal of clogged waste in your system. The first thing that mineral oil does is it will coat your intestinal tracked, making waste slide more easily across it. Once the oil has made contact with the stool lodged either in the lower intestine or in front of the colon, it will begin to coat the stool in the same way it did your intestinal track. The mineral oil has effects the stool in two ways. It will lubricate the stool, helping to easy through your body and it will stop any moisture from leaving the stool, this will make the stool more playable. Moist stool is also a lot less painful to pass.

It is a good idea to contact your doctor or medical professional so that they may direct you as to the proper does. You should drink at least eight ounces of water with the mineral oil for constipation. The best time to take mineral oil is right before bed as it is a slow, natural laxative and may take up to eight hours for you to feel the full effect. Once you have moved your bowels and are no longer constipated, you can full the remaining mineral oil out of your system by simply drinking several glasses of water.

Taking mineral oil for constipation is a safe, effective and natural way to alleviate your constipation. If you have been unable to move your bowels for several days you may want to contact your doctor as this can be a sign of a more serious medical issue, such as, an intestinal blockage. Using mineral oil for constipation is very effective but all all remedies, natural or otherwise, mineral oil should be used in moderation. Chronic constipation is often a sign of a more sever medical issue.


Anonymous said...

Once you have moved your bowels and are no longer constipated, you can full the remaining mineral oil out of your system by simply drinking several glasses of water.

Typo - you can FLUSH the remaining....

Anonymous said...

How long should mineral oil be used for constipation?

Anonymous said...

mineral oil is a great way without any side effects. I have had to use this product on several occasions. It works like a charm without all the nasty side effects of the so called FDA approved drugs that can cause rectal bleading, suicide, liver damage, etc.

Anonymous said...

I used mineral oil for my constipation and it worked but there was oil floating in the water after I was done. Is that nirmal? It kinda freaked me out.

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