Choosing A Strong Laxative

Being constipated is a terrible feeling. This site deals with a slew of information regarding constipation and what you can do to avoid this terribly painful health issue. In the past we have discussed some natural and more passive constipation remedies but what do you do when nothing works.

What do you do when you have been severely constipated for a prolonged period of time and you just can't seem to produce a healthy bowel movement. Laxatives are just one of these remedies and although I would not consider them a natural remedy, they can be extremely effective in relieving your constipation. Sometimes a strong laxative is all that you need to clear out your bowels and help you to begin producing regular and healthy bowel movements again. In this article we will be talking about how a strong laxative may be your best bet in temporarily relieving sever constipation and how you can go about find a strong laxative.

There are several different types of laxatives that are available over the counter and I would suggest trying some of these before you decide that a stronger laxative is in order. Being constipated is a terrible feeling and can often be extremely painful. You may become desperate to try anything that will aid you in moving your bowels. You should not let this desperation cloud your better judgment. A strong laxative, or I should say that the over use of this type of constipation remedy, can cause sever irritation to your bowels and often lead to bigger and more serious health issues. This does not mean that stronger laxatives are not necessary in certain cases, it only means that you should use caution when taking any type of medication that is as powerful as a powerful laxative.

Before we delve into how you would go about finding a stronger laxative, we should first discuss some of the reasons why you may be constipated in the first place. The best way that you can avoid this discomfort and pain is by understanding how you got into the situation in the first place. There are two main reasons why you may have become severely constipated and in search of a cure, such as, a strong laxative. One of those reasons is poor eating habits. Instead of making this more complicated than it has to be I will explain how eating habits can bring on constipation and sometimes even very sever constipation. If you are eating unhealthily and not taking in enough fiber, there is a good chance that constipation is inevitable for you. The key to making sure that you are consuming healthy amounts of fiber is to add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet. Foods like whole wheat bread and other sources of fiber can help to ensure a regular and healthy digestive track. If you find that you often become constipated, you may want to take a good look at your eating habits and try and make some simple changes to improve them. That said, if you know that you are eating properly, that you are taking in healthy amounts of fiber and still find yourself severely constipated. This may be a sign of a bowel obstruction, in which case surgery may be unavoidable. This is something that only your health care professional can diagnose. I am not saying this to panic you in any way, I am only trying to make you aware of all the possibilities.

Now that we have covered the two most common causes of constipation, we can begin going over how a strong laxative may be able to help you and your body relieve itself of the built up waste that is causing your bowels to be clogged. One of the more powerful over the counter laxatives is called Senna. You may have seen this product before as it is commonly sold in most grocery stores. These Senna caplets or tablets are an extremely strong laxative and may help you to unclog your bowels. Senna is derived from the bark of a small shrub that is found in northern Africa and some Arabic countries. This is pretty much the strongest laxative that you will be able to find at any store. You may also want to look into Miralax. Miralax is a powdered laxative that is mixed into a glass of water in order to be consumed. This strong laxative is often prescribed by doctors for patients that are about to have a Colonoscopy. The reason why this laxative is so often prescribed is because of the fact that it is so powerful and effective.

Unfortunately, if you have tried these medicines to no avail, in order to get a stronger laxative you will need to speak with your doctor. He or she may be able to prescribe a more powerful medicine to relief your constipation. This may be a good idea in case your constipation is a sign of a more serious health problem.

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two tablespoons of warm olive oil will shift a lot,
and treat for the liver too

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Everyone is different some have bowel movements twice a day and some have them four times a week. If you are constipated and looking for constipation remedies you must first understand that constipation is usually a symptom. Mostly constipation is caused by poor diet and is only temporary. In this site you will find different ways to prevent and treat constipation with constipation remedies.