The Best Natural Stool Softener

What is a natural stool softener?

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you have come across this website because you either have problems with sever or chronic constipation and are looking for a solution.

More specifically, in this article we will be discussing how a natural stool softener can help you with this problem. Although stool softeners are well known to help those who suffer from constipation, it is not their only use. If you are here looking for more information on natural stool softeners and are not necessarily constipated but are having trouble with overly dry or hard stool, you may also find that a stool softener can help you more easily move your bowels. As with any other form of medication or that is used to stimulate, lubricate or moisturize your feces in order to help move stool, It must be used in moderation. If you are having a prolonged issue with either constipation or abnormally hard stool you should consult with a medical professional as this may be a sign of a larger or more serious health problem. Now that we got the disclaimer out of the way, lets get down to business. Why would you need a natural stool softener? How can they help you alleviate your discomfort.

What do natural stool softeners do?

It's all in the name. A natural stool softener does exactly what it sounds like it would, it softens your stool. Why would you want softer stool? If the excrement in your body is softer it will move through your system and pass much quicker and easier. The softer or more liquid-like the stool, the easier it is for you to move. The most common reason why a person would become constipated or have abnormally hard feces is due to overly dry feces. The most common reason for overly dry stool is a prolonged period of time in the colon. The colon is an organ that sucks the moisture out of your waste to recycle it back into the body. When your waste is not pushed through the colon fast enough it can become overly dry and be quite painful to move or even constipate you. This is why a diet rich in fiber is the best thing to keep you regular and healthy. The more fiber you ingest the quicker your waste will be moved through your colon and out of your body. Now that you know the most likely reason why you have been having so much trouble moving your bowels, all you need to know is that a natural stool softener can help relieve your affliction. Stool softeners add moisture to your waste and help pass it through the body. As I have previously said in this article, although, stool softeners can be quite effective in aiding your bowel movements, they should be used in moderation and only when necessary as your body can become dependent on them. This is why the best cure for constipation is a healthy, well balanced diet and a moderate amount of exercise.

Why choose natural stool softeners?

As you all may well know, this is the age of a green healthy lifestyle and many people prefer to use all natural products as opposed to man made medications and mass produced cures. A natural stool softener will have the same effect as a store bought medication without some of the side effects. You are much less likely to become dependent on a natural stool softener than you would a medication. At the end of the day it's all about choice. This article happens to revolve around the natural way to help alleviate constipation and overly rigid feces. This doesn't mean that medicine from the pharmacy is harmful to you in any way.

What is the difference between a stool softener and a laxative?

This is a very simple question to answer. Both stool softeners and laxatives will help move waste out of your body, the only difference between the two is one lubricates and the other moistens. Laxatives will lubricate your intestines and feces. Stool softeners will moisten the fecal matter and make it easier to move. For sever cases of constipation, there are medicines that combine the two. These medications are both a laxative and a stool softener.

What are some examples of natural stool softeners?

The best form of a natural stool softeners are any foods that are rich in fiber. This would essentially be most fruits and vegetables. Although all fruits and vegetables have a healthy amount of fiber in them, there are some that may work better if your are looking to use them as a natural stool softener. Below you will find a list of foods and the amount of fiber that they deliver per serving...


As well as being packed with fiber, beans are also a great source of protein. Keep in mind that all beans are rich in fiber, this list contains the top five most fiber rich beans.

Adzuki beans – 15 grams
French beans – 15.5 grams
Yellow beans – 17 grams
Navy beans – 18 grams
White beans – 19 grams


Fruits make excellent natural stool softeners and laxatives due to their high fiber content but
they are also full of healthy vitamins and mineral. Not only do they make a healthy snack but they taste great too. Here are the top five high fiber fruits.

Oranges – 4 grams
Apples – 4.5 grams
Pears – 6 grams
Dried Prunes – 6.5 grams
Figs – 8 grams


Although berries are technically a fruit, there are so many of them that I have given them their
own top 5 high fiber list.

Boysenberries – 7 grams
Raspberries - 8 grams
Loganberries – 8 grams
Blackberries – 9 grams
Elderberries – 10 grams

Oats and Grains

Oats and grains have always been known to be rich in fiber. Here are the top five most “fiberful”
oats and grains.

Rice bran – 6 grams
All-bran – 10 grams
Wheat bran – 12 grams
Oat bran – 12 grams
Corn bran – 22 grams


Much like beans, nuts are high in both protein and fiber. Just like fruits, nuts are tastey and a
treat to eats. Here are the five most fiber rich nuts.

Almonds – 4 grams
Sesame seeds – 4 grams
Pumpkin seeds – 5 grams
Flax seeds – 8 grams
Pinon nuts – 12 grams

This is a huge list of foods which are all natural stool softeners that are good for you and high in fiber. This makes softening your feces easy and painless... just like your bowel movements will be.

Although high fiber foods are one of the best ways that you can ease the discomfort of constipation and overly hard, dry feces, there is one other thing that you can do to help moisturize and soften your waste. Water is by far the healthiest and most effective way to not only soften your stool and hydrate your body but also to cleanse you of waste and toxicity. Drinking a large amount of water and eating properly will most likely help to easy your pain in as little as a day or two.

This will be the third time that I will be writing a disclaimer about the warnings of using a natural stool softener in this article, for good reason. If you are having severe abdominal pain, have been constipated for a prolonged period of time or suffer from irregular or painful bowel movements, you should consult your doctor or other medical professional as they are best suited to diagnose your ailment. These types of symptoms can be a sign of a more serious medical condition and the sooner you seek help the more likely you will be to recover.


Jane Moorse said...

I have an issue that deals with the article you have written here. I do not suffer from constipation but expecailly hard stool. This makes going to the bathroom very painful at times. My only issue with what you have written is that I am concerned that some of these natural stool softeners may actually act more like natural laxatives. If that is the case it could become very painful for someone like me. I have also emailed you, I would appreciate it if you could get back to me.

Thanks in advance,

Constipation Remedies said...

Hello Jane,

Just to clarify, I have also emailed you with further information. I would like to start off by saying Thank You for reading my post! These foods are natural stool softeners for a reason. They will soften your stool.

This happens because high fiber foods will push through your colon much faster than foods that are low in fiber. When the food is pushed through the colon, it looses less of moisture and will be much softer. This was all gone over in the post.

I hope this helped you more well understand how these types of foods will act as natural stool softeners. Again, thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

I have read in several reliable sources that fiber does not speed up stool transit but rather REGULATES it. That is, it can also slow it down if it is too fast. Another purpose of fiber is to bulk up the stool.
I have also read that drinking a lot of water does not guarantee that it will be absorbed in the colon (only that you will have to urinate more) and also does not necessarily help. Please comment. JW

Anonymous said...


Firstly, you contradicted yourself... You stated that fiber will speed up your bowel movements if they are moving too slowly and slow them down if they are moving to fast... In short "regulating your bowel movement". So if you were constipated, wouldn't it be safe to say that increasing your fiber intake will help to increase the amount that you go to the bathroom.

Secondly, If you are having a problem with your colon not absorbing enough liquid back into your body, water will rehydrate you and help you avoid dehydration.

JW, I suggest you think before you speak.

Webmaster, I suggest you check you comments more often and take part in your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have been taking 2 stool softeners every night for the last year and half. I am planning on getting pregnant and do not want to be depended on stool softeners anymore. What do you suggest I take every night to replace the stool softeners?

Anonymous said...

I am going to try it.My problem started a week ago when they changed my blood pressure med to Benicar.Could that be?


Anonymous said...

any suggestions for someone who eats only whole foods (and a variety of them -beans, nuts & seeds everyday, fruits twice a day & veg 3-5 times a day, grains 3 times a day, & only water. no soda, very little meat (less than 2 times a month). i'm not over weight, and i exercise regularly? still i have a terrible problem w/ hard stools. any advice would be appreciated greatly!

Anonymous said...

Actually, it is not just any fiber that should be increased, it is...soluable fiber. Too much insoluable fiber can compound the problem as it does not give you the proper lubrication that soluable fiber will lend. Many beans don't have the proper balance of fibers. Metamucil is made from Psyllium Husks which have a very high ratio of soluable to insoluable. Apples have a good ratio, pinto beans, oat bran, plums...

Anonymous said...

Help... I eat the major amount of the items listed (I eat very healthy), drink at least 192oz of water a day or more. I have two 32 oz of water before I leave for work each day. The fruits cause painful gas to the point I have passed out. I have hard stools 99% of the time and sometimes very painful to pass. I work out 3 times a day, 30 min yoga in the AM; walk 30 min; then do a variety of lean muscle work and run in the evenings for 40 minutes to an hour 5 to 6 times a day. Had a colonoscopy and all the tests done, all came out fine. I have been to a specialist and I take probiotics. The doctors just said, well you are going to have to figure out something. I am at wits end. I have tried fiber supplements. As you can see I am very frusterated.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest some sort of fiber powder like Metamucil for someone who is planning on getting pregnant. I don't blame you for wanting to steer clear of meds. If you are unsure, you should either talk to your doctor or gyno.

Anonymous said...

What if you took 2 pills of laxative- then one pill of stool softener? for instance, i am constipated from eating too many 'hard' food. so at 8am i took a laxative. at 3pm i took another laxative. at 9pm [current time] i had just taken a stool softner. mind you, yesterday morning i took a stool softner. i have been constipated since yesterday morning. the laxatives are doing about nothing for my issue [my bowels are working perfect, its that big piece of "crap" thats near the end that is hard as a rock haha. so my thought was that if the laxatives will move it, and i kept myself hydrated all day perfect [which i have] that it will work combined? or will i wake up dead tomorrow? haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a Registered Nurse and ya Hello, I should know this but I don't. I have a vitamin D deficiency and I am taking Cod liver oil pills with Magnesium as Vit D alone was constipating me so badly that I ended up with several serious fissures. I normally have IBS with very loose stools this is not like me. What can I do?

Anonymous said...

I am the same as anonymous poster - Nov 17@6:35pm:
I am a vegetarian- I eat loads of fruits and vegetables, many different kinds of whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, etc. I have a great diet, but I still have hard, sharp stools. I am drinking more water, but I would like to know what else I can do to soften my stool and prevent fissures.
I don't want to take medication, and although I would like to use something natural, I haven't found anything successful.

Anonymous said...

I have been taking milk of magnesia (about a spoonful) for some time now that IS really helping me with my bowel movements (I am about 50 by the way and menopausal). Been wondering though if this is safe to take for long periods of time (I also do take lots of fiber and my diet is quite healthy).

Anonymous said...

All bran, twice the recommended amount, works for me as far as keeping me regular but as soon as I take calcium supplements, I get constipated again even though I eat so much all bran. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I am 29year female. I had a serious fissure back in february this year. its been 2 months now and i am still going through this pain on & off. My doctor advised me on Livoluk Fibre(lactulose + fibre supplement) and I am having it on for 2 months and somehow i feel that i need to get rid of medicines and try natural stool softeners/laxative. I have already been on a roughage diet that includes atleast 4-5litres of water, green salads and plenty of fruits. Oats is majorly my food these days. I dont prefer a surgey to get rid of the fissures. but i believe that the fissures cure on its own by god's grace. As i dont prefer a surgery at this point. Please advise what can i do to keep the CONSTIPATION at BAY

Anonymous said...


I just had a bad case of the flu, now it seems as though some fecal matter near my rectum is pretty stuck in there. Some things seem to move past it, but really it makes me feel like I have to go to the bathroom every hour or so, and my body won't stay asleep because of it.

When I go to the bathroom, I make very little progress and un-fortunatly have quite a large 10min painful struggle. I have been Trying to improve the situation with every small movement, however all the movements are just very small and don't seem to help the problem. I need to get rid of this larger solid chunk that feels VERY in the way and un-comfortable! I will celebrate the moment it leaves my system as I can't handle many more of these bowel battles!

Is a stool softner going to help my situation? Please help, I'm in a lot of troubles!

Anonymous said...

After a weightlifting injury, I developed an anal fissure. Hard stools kept the fissure from healing. I made some major changes in my diet this week that have really softened my stools and kept the fissure from re-tearing. Here's what I added to my diet:

-I eliminated soda and am drinking at least 48 oz. of water a day.
-Lots of nuts - at least a half of a can of almonds, cashews, and macadamia nuts per day.
-I eat a fruit salad eat night at dinner, and I've added a heaping tablespoon of shredded coconut to that salad.
-For breakfast, and organic oat bran oatmeal. Once it's cooked, I add a heaping tablespoon of wheat bran.
-I eliminated cheese from my diet (which was painful!)

I don't know which element of the diet is working the best to really soften the stool (I think the hard amount of nuts is helping the most) but combined, I'm not having any issues with the fissure re-tearing.

I also take one hot sitz bath each night, 2-3 stool softeners, and use some natural healing oil meant to treat fissures. (These three things alone weren't helping without the diet changes.)

I hope someone else can make these changes and see some benefits.

Anonymous said...

I've recently had a hemarroidhectomy surgery (5 days ago) and I am currently taking a stool softener (Lacson syrup - only available in South Africa).

I was told by my dietician to only eat low fibre foods in conunction with the stoll softener so as not to pass normal bowel movements until the surgery heals completely.

I would like to know if you can consume this stool softener without eating food as I seemed to have lost my appetite.....Am i doing harm to my body by not eating and using the stool softener? Please reply.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"I would like to know if you can consume this stool softener without eating food as I seemed to have lost my appetite" Read the label or talk to your doctor.

Anonymous said...

I have never suffered from this problem but I've heard Ginger is a good pain reliever and also rich in fiber. Make a warm Ginger bath and soak in it. Also make some tea and drink it. The tea will not contain fiber but if you can chew on some, it may help introduce both fiber and pain reducing properties. If someone tries this and it works, please share it with others.

Ali, said...

my stool is like rock hard and it won't come out.sometimes it gets stuck.i am having horrible experience.can you help.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Try this one:

Make a smoothie blended with soy milk, mixed berries, banana and peanut butter. Guaranteed relief and tastes great too!

It's a food and a drink in one and your body immediately recognizes it as a denser substance that will pass through your bowels. The properties in each ingredient will regulate and relieve... or at least with me it does. Give it a shot!

Anonymous said...

I have hemorroids and the daily pain sometines is very awful. Do you think that with fiber, and stool softners I will be able to shrink them and live a normal life? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Docusates are surfactants, a fancy word for soap - their soapy effect makes the stool soft and pliable. They are not laxatives, i.e. do not make you want to go to the toilet. Since docusates are dissolved in your bloodstream they are metabolized by the liver and gallbladder, which could be a significant increase in load if you take them daily for decades. On the other Sodium or Calcium enters the bloodstream and circulates to all organs. YOu get 20 mg of Calcium from 240 mg Calcium Docusate and 4 mg of Sodium from 100 mg of Sodium Docusate. On that basis, Ca docusate may be preferable to Na.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem with some of you - I am almost a vegetarian and take lots of fruits, vegetables, and very little meat yet recently my stools were hard and big and painful to come out!
Going to try drinking lots of water and eating bananas and maybe apples. Maybe more soluble fibre would help.

Anonymous said...

I find that no matter how much fiber you ingest, if you eat allot of foods that bind as well, you are still in for it. Maybe limit cheese for one....?

Anonymous said...

i suffer really bad with consitpation and i drink warm water with a tbl spoonful of honey first ting in the morning keey it up for a week or two and you will go every day as normal as everyone else a chinese man gave me this tip. the only thing keep it up but i get lazy and end up back at square one.

Anonymous said...



Johnna said...

After 25 years packed with lots of trial and error with IBS, complicated by a large hernia and 4 prolapses that were misdiagnosed for just as long, I have learned a great deal about nutrition, food combining, the chemistry of digestion, how the organs work together and what they need, malnutrition and constipation. When we speak of "fiber", there must be a greater understanding of the kinds of fiber. There is "soluble" and "insoluble". Insoluble fiber does not absorb and retain moisture in the stool, but acts as a broom-sweeping the colon clean. What is needed to maintain adequate moisture in stool is "soluble" fiber. It acts as a sponge. High fiber foods like nuts and beans, are high is insoluble fiber. Too much broom- if not balanced with soluble fiber. Foods like fruits that are high in soluble fiber will act more like a laxitive if you eat more of them. You can find out the fiber content of specific foods and make your diet fit your needs and adjust your foods as needed to regulate your transit time in the colon.

Anonymous said...

All of you need to eat 4+ fruits and 5+ vegetables per day and drink 1/2 of your weight in water in ounces per day. You will all feel much better if you do.

Anonymous said...

Did Anonymous who posted on July 6 swallow a medical book? Nice info, how about in English please i.e. what foods/suppliments provide this?

You do sound very intelligent though!

Anonymous said...

I don't have constipation,but I have a hard stool.I drink a lot of water(10-8oz glass)a day.I eat a multigrain cereal with raisins and I eat nothing but veggies.(no meat)I walk 5 miles a day.I try to eat fruit when I can.I seem to be doing the right thing to soften the stool,but It just doesn't happen.

Jeff Parish said...

I am quite astonished at the fact that there are so many people like myself suffering from constipation or severe constipation and no real answers, especially for those who seem to be doing everything right and still stuck up ha ha, like myself. I would think there would be a physician or dietician that would help.

There is something I eat that does help a little, I have been eating a bunch of raisins, they help break things up atleast a little, it's not a cure all.

I will try to check back to see if a professional can or will answer, why those who are supposedly eating well are having problems also. I really am curious.

I do know with winter coming up that yams can really help with constipation, I've never tried canned yams, hey maybe I can give that a try? : )

I think I'll try the warm water and honey and see how it goes. Good luck to everyone and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

An excess of iron can cause constipation, as well as hardness of stool, as does calcium, i.e., from dairy products. How much is too much?

Anonymous said...

We are all lost in here, I feel the same way as u do..this is not life, I read that emo that emotions(i.e. anxiety and depression) affect our digestive system as for those who seem to do all the healthy diet and water intake that may be the answer..I have tried so many things that I feel like an slave of my digestive systwm constantly thinking if what I am eating may give me problems later

Anonymous said...

Has no one here ever thought of taking enemas and the occasional colonic? Enemas can be a big help, as they put warm water directly into the colon. If you can hold the water for awile, it will soften even the hard matter. I know they're a drag to do, but if you're really hurting, they can be a blessing. Google the internet to see the right way to do them. Good luck, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Wow, unbelieveable how so many people can suffer from the same thing and there are so many people out there that have studied the human body and look, we're all looking for answers and no one has them. I recently turned vegan and I find myself more uncomfortable "doing my business" than ever before. I've always suffered from hard, large and hard to pass stools and now it still seems the case no matter how much fruit & vegs (all organic) I eat. When everyone finds out I turned vegan, they all make silly remarks "oh bet you get good results in the potty now, huh?" really? I wish. I've read many things on here tonight and I will try most of them. Good luck to all you also. LM

Anonymous said...

A high fiber diet is pretty safe advice, but it won't always soften the stool. It will increase the volume of the stool and the frequency. A very high fiber diet can sometimes cause overly hard stool, especially compared to low vegetable, high meat diets. In a case where you are already eating plenty of fiber, you should reduce fiber and eat more of the things that are typically associated with watery stool or diarrhea: citrus fruits, juice and of course more water.

Anonymous said...

If you try eliminating dairy AND wheat from your diets, many would see improvements in about a week or so. Wheat products(gluten) can cause severe constipation and hard stools.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a mess we all are! Maybe this will help some. I am having all kinds of hard stools since coming off all my supplements when I started having this upper stomach pain every 3 months almost a year ago. I am being tested for parasites and have a colonoscopy scheduled for later this month. So far like a lot of you nothing no help nada. The over the counter stool softeners laxatives help but who the heck wants to live like this? I have last weight started back to the gym and walk a mile or two everyday. If nothing gets resolved I am going to a nutritional expert. If the can't fix me I am going to fix this myself. Western medicine is a bunch of ninnies running scared, though I don't blame them. Obama care, if not repealed, screws all of us so get ready if he gets re-elected. We all need to keep our spirits high and stay healthy, keeping away from stress and family nonsense, agreed? I only attend family stuff that I deem important and I don't care what others think of me. Good luck all, the answer is out there, just keep looking!!

Anonymous said...

mid 30s male. i was diagnosed 3.5 yrs ago with fissures. was told to take benefiber, miralax and colace. i did it for the past 3+ yrs and never improved! recently i saw a Harvard grad specialist who reported that i have multiple fissures and have a short rectum, so surgery is out of the question. he said all i need is 25-30 grams of fiber, tons of water and excersice. i've done all but excersice. i feel better but still dont go everyday, sometimes as little as every 3 days. will excersing, even just walking help me go daily? i'm not overweight, 185 pounds, 6 foot. Thank you thank you thank you for any help.

Anonymous said...

my hemmorhoid is inflamed and find it hard to pass on can stool softener helps in any way to lessen the pain everytime i go to the bathroom. i have read about aloe vera but the spicie given is really very hard to find here in the philippines. what we have is the local variety. is aloe vera plant not poisonous to be taken fresh wether the gel or flesh withoput the peel of the plant. thanks and best regards

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that eating flax seed, just whole in a crunchy salad, gave me fantastically soft poo. Another thing to eat last thing at night is a portion of porridge oats, uncooked, just soaked for a few hours in fruit juice and/or water. I dont have constipation but often get a tiny crack in my anus, following tearing during childbirth. Even the tiniest crack here is excruciatingly painful, and poo that wouldn't be a problem normally feels like it is made of broken glass!

Anonymous said...

I think the guy who told JW to think before he speaks on October 18 should eat his bowel movement.

Anonymous said...

I found myself nodding in agreement with the last(Oct 4)contributor. We all have read about the foods that are supposed to help; we all know that we need to drink lots of water...and then more water. But it surprised me how many here said that they 'had tried everything' and still the problems persisted.
It struck me that maybe there's more to it than just eating 'the right foods'. We all know that what's right for one person isn't for another. Makes me think that each person has to find what foods do what to them--there's no one size fits all approach that will work. And maybe, too, it's 'when' we eat, how much we eat, how completely we chew things like nuts, and how much stress we carry. The body surely wasn't designed to be constipated or bound. It's just going to take more attentive and aware investigation, trial and error. Guess I'd better get busy.

Anonymous said...

PAPAYA is the best.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the cause of constipation is a lack of adequate bile production. In such situations what is needed are foods and/or herbs that promote the flow of bile. Bile stimulates the wave-like motions called peristalsis that moves the food through the intestines.

Foods and herbs that promote bile flow are known as cholagogues. Examples of cholagogue herbs are dandelion, oregon grape root, gentian, cascara sagrada. Olive oil, beets and prunes are examples of foods that are cholagogues.

If poor bile production is the source of your constipation, try adding a tablespoon or two of olive oil to about 4-6 ounces of grapefruit juice and drink with 2-3 capsules of dandelion. You might also want to take lecithin to aid in digesting the oil.

Magnesium helps to hold moisture in the colon. Nuts, seeds and greens are foods with high magnesium content, but due to soil depletion and farming methods, the supply of minerals in the soil is thought by many experts to be inadequate. To offset this, you might try a magnesium product such as Calm Magnesium, starting with 1/4 teaspoon and building up the dosage over several days until the stool becomes moist. You can take the magnesium in the morning and the olive oil/grapefruit drink/cholagogue at night (or vice versa). Of course, it might serve well to try one or the other method to isolate the underlying cause of your constipation.

For more info google cholagogue herbs. Also go here (I am in no way affiliated with the site):

Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

My best suggestion if you need a short term relief is to make a very strong batch of caffetier coffee, the good Colombian or Guatamala blends that pack a punch and drink about a 4 cups or a litre as you have your meal...

Works wonders, just don't eat too much or the speed of movement could be painful but I find this is a good way of having a few pieces of naughty food in the morning without overdoing calorie intake and encouraging a very soft stool.

Ive no doubt this may be discouraged by a fitness freak, but im in my twenties.

Anonymous said...

You need to get rid of the gas so the bowel can pass through.Some say Beano helps but avoiding gas producing foods or eating small amounts at a time may help avoid a lot of gas. Cold drinks as opposed to warmer ones produces more gas sometimes. Keep trying different natural remedies out.Add nothing that can create other side effects on top of the problem you already have.
Knowledge is power! Keep searching.More fruit for moisture, more beans and such for bulk to move it, move it. They work together as another post mentioned too. Keep trying things and note what works for you. Write it down...and improve on it, as you can. Remember, gas traps bowels from moving, keeping it in your systems and creating toxins that build up over time. Strive towards a healthy bowel to maintain a healthy you.They say disease starts in the colon...many times.
I will pray you get the answer you need...

Anonymous said...

i have occasional hard stool that caused blood drops not bleeding. i research on line n youtube for info always staying updated.. i found that using Vaseline using a disposable glove inserted about 1 to 1.5 of an inch gently down there gently and very slow..before and after you go..this will create an instant easier passage for things to go out and reduce pain also speed up healing time.
Second and now we get to the core of the cause of hard's what you eat and how your body reacts to it...
That being said, what worked for me is " Psyllium Hydrophilic Mucilloid ". You will find it labled " Fiber Therapy " it's a natural fiber powder u mix it with water or any thing else..then i added in simple language " Probiotics " the one i used is a " Schiff " Brand..both i got them from Walmart for less than $10.
You gotta balance foods n eat right..i stopped dairy fryed red meets..more fruits and vegetables least 3 quarts of water a refined or processed foods nothing in a rapper that contains sugar or sweetener of any experimenting with Stevia when available...
I hope this help
I feel your pain..i was there.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap - god help us all

Anonymous said...

Too much fiber can either soften your stool or it can make you constipated. We were always taught in nursing school to ALWAYS increase your water intake, that is if someone isn't on fluid restriction. Yes you'll urinate more, but also there will be water absorbed into the colon around the feces making it more motile.

Anonymous said...

OMG I dranked a 20oz. glass of prune juice and ate a banana. The only thing that passed was the gass.

Anonymous said...

I heard that constipation may be caused by a thyroid isssue, might want to get that checked too.

Anonymous said...

I have had a problem with constipation on and off my whole life. I am 57 years old. I have been a vegan, a vegatarian and a meat eater in the past.
Drinking extra water and taking herbal teas like cascara sagrada always worked UNTIL I stopped eating dairy products and was eating more nuts and beans!
I am grateful to the person here who explained the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber in beans, grains and nuts does not absorb water like the soluble fiber in fruits and vegetbles! I knew that nuts were constipating but I thought that beans were the opposite. Not true! I am now eating less beans.
I have also just figured out that for me the problem a stool is so long in the colon (which causes it to dry out and become hard) is that the bacteria which easily breaks down the food was missing from my diet.
TRY YOGURT! Yogurt supplies the necessary bacteria needed to speedily finish the job for me. You can also buy these bacteria, sometimes called probiotics, in the refrigerated section of a natural grocery store. For strict vegans, possibly high enzyme fruits like papaya will do the trick.

Anonymous said...

I have severe constipation. I will go like a week without going then i'll go like once or twice then go another week without going. I've seen the doctors who have put me on medicine which didn't even help. I take stool softeners and they don't help. I just don't get what in the world is goin on and its so frustrating...and painful. My tummy bloats and increases in size and my pants get tight. This has been going on since I was in my teens and i'm now 29. When they did a colonoscopy about 2 years ago they didn't see anything. Any ideas? if you can please e-mail me because I'll probably not be able to find this site again. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The above posts are helpful..thank you.
In my research I found something good to know on the Restoralax website...thought I would share:

How Do I Pick the Right Laxative?
A laxative, along with simple diet and exercise solutions, can help relieve your constipation.
A wide range of laxatives are available without a prescription, including:

Osmotic laxatives like RestoraLAX® (PEG 3350) cause fluids to flow in a special way
through the colon to encourage a bowel movement.

Bulk-forming (Fiber) laxatives are also known as fiber supplements.
They absorb water in the intestine and make the stool softer.

Stimulant laxatives cause muscle contractions in the intestines
to encourage bowel movements.

Lubricants, such as mineral oil, grease the stool, so that it can
move through the intestine more easily.

Saline laxatives work like a sponge to pull water into the colon
to make the stool pass more easily.

Stool softeners/emollients moisten the stool and prevent dehydration.

Anonymous said...

Try stool softener, like Docusate Sodium.
Try Dulcolax to push it out. Small pill but powerful.

You can also try Colace, Milk of Magnesia, Senokot.

Good Luck.

Then you can try Senokot.
to remove the hard stool.
Then you can probably stop that and take DulcolaxOnce the stool is soft, try

Anonymous said...

I got the flu the 21st of December 2012 turned into pnuenomia hospitalized put on antibiotics by now no bowel movement for 6 days -(I do peritoneal dialysis 9.5 hours a night every night. have tried Miralax , ducolax x two night , and script for hydro leone supp for the newly developed he proofs. One the Jan 7 past a 2x3 brick thought I was in labor this was within 30 min of rectal exam next day good results but now nothing but deer pellets once in 4 days?..

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