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Constipation, Common And Uncomfortable

Those of us that are currently suffering or have ever suffered from constipation know just how bad this feeling can be. It is not just the bloated feeling that many of us get during this time in our lives but constipation can often be very painful as well.

If you remain constipated for a prolonged period of time, the pain and discomfort can become so bad that you will probably be desperately searching for the best constipation remedies. This may seem simple but can often be confusing, especially if you are unaware of what it is that you are looking for. Here at Constipation Remedies, we discuss various ways to end this discomfort, not just for the time being but permanently. Today we are going to be discussing a very common and effective way to help cure your constipation. Stool softeners are not just a simple constipation remedy but they are also one of the most gentle that you will come across. If you have been suffering through this health problem, you may want to continue reading and learn just how a stool softener can help you become regular once again.

What Exactly Is A Stool Softener?

Now that I have your attention, you may be wonder exactly what a stool softener is. Although the name does say a lot, there is more to this particular constipation remedy than you may think. There are many different types of stool softeners on the market and they all have one think in common, they can help you more easily push through hardened, rough stool. Often times this is main reason why one becomes constipated. You see your body will have a much harder time pushing out feces that are dry and rigid. Over time, these hardened masses of feces will become trapped in the intestines causing a blockage. Although, this blockage will only be temporary, a person with a large amount of overly dry stool will go through a lot of unnecessary suffering. Essentially, a stool softener will aid your body when it comes to moisturizing stool, making it softer and easier to process. Even though you will only be able to moisten newly made stool, over time it should help to end your bout of constipation and much more gently then other harsher constipation remedies.

Are Stool Softeners Safe?

When a person is considering using any time of medication, one of the first things that comes to time, aside form effectiveness, is how safe it is to use that particular product. This may be what you are thinking right now, are stool softeners safe to use. Although most over the counter medications are safe, unless they are overused of course, stool softeners are by far the safest. In fact, there are many different types of stool softeners and some are most healthy and gentle than any other type of medication. This is the next subject that we are going to approach the various types of stool softeners. If you are truly concerned about your health and safety when using these medications, as well as others, you should always speak to a medical professional, such as, your primary care physician. This is always the smartest move, so to speak, when dealing with any type of health problem or new medication, even when they are as simple as constipation remedies.

Are There Different Types Of Stool Softener

If you are unfamiliar with stool softeners, you may have noticed me mentioning the fact that there are many different types. So, what are the various types of stool softeners that are available for those who are currently suffering with constipation? Basically, stool softeners can be broken up in two three groups, store bought medications, prescribed medicines and natural stool softeners found in foods. An example of a stool bought stool softener would be Senekot. A prescribed medication may be prescription grade Colace. Believe it or not there are many foods that are well known for their high content of soluble fiber, a natural stool softener. If is important to understand that certain fibers are not soluble and will not help you soften your stool, although they will help you stay healthy. A few examples of some foods that are high in soluble fiber would be Whole grain bread, Oat bran, Apples, Blackberries, Strawberries, Broccoli, Parsnips, Peas, Kidney beans, Green beans and Lentils.

What Stool Softeners Are Most Gentle?

When it comes to stool softeners, an over use of these medications or foods may have the opposite effect. This means that by taking in tool many stool softeners, you may develop stomach pain and cramping, as well as, diarrhea. In order to avoid this type of over use, you may want to stick to the most gentle of the natural stool softeners. In this case, that would be foods that are high in soluble fiber. My personal recommendation would be any berry or bean as these types of foods tend to have the highest fiber content. By simply adding these types of foods into your natural eating schedule you will probably be able to easily cure your condition without having to resort to any type of medication. Though many people assume that a store bought medicine will be more effective, this is usually not the case. In fact, these foods will not only help to keep you regular and act as a natural constipation remedy but also help to increase your over all health. It is not coincidence that foods that work as constipation remedies are also the healthiest foods to eat.

What Stool Softeners Work The Best?

If you are a bit less concerned with health and side effects and are look for a stool softener that will clear up constipation the quickest, you may want to consider using Dulcolax. While there is not a huge difference when it comes to store bought stool softeners, Dulcolax seems to be one of the most well liked among those who have a history of chronic constipation. If you have tried these medicines and found that they are not working as effectively as you would like them to, I am sorry to say that your only other option would be to seek out the advice of a medical professional. For the most part it is not very difficult to get a prescription for a more powerful stool softener and that may be all that you need to kick your digestive track into high gear once again, so to speak. It is also important to read the directions properly with this type of medication. Over use of these products, whether they are prescribed or over the counter can lead to mild addiction or stomach pain and cramping. These are fairly harmless side effects but you should be aware a the dangers of taking any type of medication.

How Much Do Stool Softeners Cost?

If money is tight and cost is of concern to you, most stool softeners, especially if you are looking for foods that are rich in fiber, are very inexpensive. For those of you that are interested in taking a healthier route, adding a few berries and beans to your weekly grocery order will cost you no more than a few dollars. If you are more interested in over the counter medication, you may have to spend between $5 and $20, depending on the brand and quantity. You may also be able to find coupons in the local newspaper to lower the cost of these products even more. For prescribed stool softeners, you may not have to pay a dime, depending on what type of health insurance you have. Regardless of what product you choose to help you get rid of your constipation, one thing is for sure, stool softeners will not break the bank. So, if cost was a concern, you can put your mind at ease.

Where Can I Purchase Stool Softeners?

Interested in getting your hands on these wonderful constipation remedies? When it comes to purchasing stool softeners, it is really quite simple. Fiber rich foods, as well as over the counter medications, can be purchased at your local supermarket. You can also try your pharmacy if your are looking for stool softeners in pill form. Prescription medications can also be purchased at the pharmacy, with a doctors prescription of course. For those of you that use the pharmacies at your grocery store, this will be your one stop shop, so to speak, when it comes to purchasing any type of stool softener.

Are There Any Adverse Side Effects To Using Stool Softeners?

Although it was already mentioned towards the beginning of this post, there are a few side effects that are associated with the over use of this type of medication. If you do not carefully read the dosage that is either provided to you by your doctor or on the side of the bottle that the medicine came in. By taking more than the recommended does of stool softeners you may suffer from stomach cramping and pain or even diarrhea. In order to avoid this potential discomfort, make sure that you take the time to read the instructions and allow the medication to take effect. This is also something that can be completely avoided if you choose to use the natural stool softeners found in the foods that were listed above.

When Am I Using Too Many Stool Softeners?

You will know you are using stool softeners too often when you become dependent on them to be regular. Like just about any type of medicine, stool softeners are meant to help you get over a hump not to be used on a daily basis. It can happen with constipation remedies just as easily as it can happen with pain killers, once your body gets used to the medication, it can be hard to do without it. If you are looking for a constipation remedy that can help you stay regular for a long time to come, the only thing that is reasonable to consider would be a healthy change of diet. Cut out the junk food and lower your intake of dairy products. Eat more leafy green vegetables and fruits. This is the best way to help your digestive track do its job properly and help you to avoid future bouts of painful constipation. There are not shortcuts in life if you want to do things right. Although, you may want to take the easy way out, and often times medicine is the best choice, when it come to a life time of healthy and comfortable bowel movements, there is no substitute for proper diet and exercise.

My Personal Opinion About Stool Softeners

Although I may have already made my opinion on the topic abundantly clear, I will go over it again. I personally believe that medications, both over the counter and prescription, should be used when all else fails. If you are truly interested in softening your stool, the best and most effective thing you can do is to eat healthier and try to get some exercise. I have found that if you treat your body with respect, it will respond much better. This does not mean that you need to completely change everything that you eat and join a gym. You might, however, want to cut back on junk food and replace it with fruits and whole grain snacks. Try adding some green veggies and beans to your meals. Go for a walk after work or lunch. Try not to snack after dinner. Cut back on dairy products, often the culprit behind constipation, believe it or not. This the best way to avoid any problems that are related to digestive health, such as, indigestion, heartburn or acid re-flux and, of course constipation.

Is There Anything Out There That Can Be More Helpful?

Wondering if stool softeners are the right constipation remedies for you. There are many other things that can be done, many other constipation remedies that can be used, to help you eliminate your current condition. A few examples would be laxatives and enemas. Although, often times these other medicines will be much more effective, they are also more invasive and more harsh on the body. Depending on the severity of your constipation, you may only need to add a little fiber or some stool softeners to your diet to fix the problem. For those of you with much more severe or chronic constipation, you might want to consider some of the stronger remedies. This is also something that can be discussed with your doctor. If you have constipation that lasts for more than a few days or reoccurs quite often, it may be sign of a more serious condition.

When Should I Speak To A Doctor About My Constipation?

It can be hard to know when it is time to seek out the advice of a medical professional. A few signs that you may want to see your doctor would be if you are constipated to the point that your are actually in constant pain or discomfort. If you can't seem to stay regular no matter what you try. If you over the counter constipation remedies do not seem to help you condition. If you have been constipated for a prolonged period of time. Everyone is different and therefore have a different idea of what the prolonged means when it comes to regular bowel movements. If you are used to going to the bathroom daily, you may be constipated if you are unable to have a healthy bowel movement for a few days. It is also important to remember that constipation means that you are not fully relieving yourself when you go to the bathroom it does not necessarily mean that you do not go at all. Many people have the misconception that in order to be considered constipated, they have to be completely unable to have a bowel movement. People who are constipated will have small, hard and rigid stool for a prolonged period and be unable to fully relive themselves. The point is, if you ever feel pain or fear that you have a problem, you should seek out medical attention as it is better to be safe than sorry.

Can Constipation Be Dangerous?

While it is certainly true that constipation is a very ailment that effects millions of people all over the world each and every day, there is a chance that it could be a sign of something more serious. For instance, those that suffer from certain cancers or an intestinal blockage will often show the same symptoms as a person who is constipated. This is why it is so important to see a doctor any time you develop pain, especially for prolonged periods of time, when dealing with constipation. Although you are most likely simply constipated due to poor eating habits or some sort of change in your life, as I said before, it is better to be safe than sorry.

What Else Is There To Know About Various Constipation Remedies?

The only other thing that you should consider when using constipation remedies is the fact that one can very easily become dependent on them. If your body begins to become accustomed to a medication that makes it easier to have bowel movements, you may have trouble properly going to the bathroom without it. This is just another reason why you may want to save medicine of any kind as a last resort when it comes to dealing with constipation.

What Else Can This Site Teach Me About Treating Constipation?

Here at Constipation Remedies, you will find a wide variety of information that can help you learn to deal with constipation and possibly live a healthier life. Feel free to use the side bar and read other articles that can help you deal with the problems that you are currently having with your bowels. One of the more popular articles revolves around natural stool softeners and is a great way to learn about various high fiber foods that can be of great help to those in search of healthier, more natural constipation remedies.

A Small Disclaimer About This Site

All of the information that I provide on this site has either been thoroughly researched by myself or comes from my own personal experience. I am not a doctor and these are only my personal opinions mixed with facts. If you have any questions about a serious medical condition or symptoms that could be a sign of a more serious problem, please see a doctor or seek out medical attention of some kind.


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The easiest and safest way to permanently cure constipation is to supplement with the extremely vital mineral magnesium. It works overnight even in the severest case and the side effects are all positive- better sleep, more relaxed, less aches and pains!

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Thanks. This informative site helped me make the right decision for my health. I have often suffered from constipation and am looking for a more natural remedy than laxatives. You might want to mention other foods like probiotic yogurts, like Activia, or digestive probiotic pills are also helpful. These were recommended by my doctor when I was constipated.

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Proof read articles before posting! Oh, and don't overdo keyword optimization, it looks really bad for "humans"...

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I am suffering and have been for years..I can go two weeks or more without a bowl movement. The odd thing is I don't really cramp body will start craving food 24/7. I bloat like I am 6 months pregmnant and gain weight. I have been through test after test and they can't tell me why other than take laxatives/stool softners daily. This effects my urinary track system and it quite the pain in the arse. Any idea and suggestions are greatly appreciated at this point I have pretty much gave up on med and doctors for this problem. I even go through phases of no sounds in my bowls. UGH!!!

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Hi Thanks for the information but i'm still unable to make up my mind. I suffer from chronic constipation and would like something that works quick and effectively (so that i can 'go' at 6am - daily, when taken at night, or like that).

Please PLEASE help me find may be laxative or anything, doesn't matter how it tastes how much it costs... i just want something that works quick and is effective. HELP!!!!!!

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This is odd and unhelpful, do not buy beans if you are constipated please.

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